Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What Makes a Starfish Simply Amazing

The starfish is a truly remarkable animal, imagine it is shaped like a star, and the cool thing is that its mouth is underneath its body. Starfish can crawl over a meal like a clam, force open it and start eating it. Another cool thing about starfish is that it has no teeth. It simply digests its meal and receives nutrients from its meal. A friend of mine even thinks that a starfish is not an animal but a rock.

Starfish is also known as a sea star, they are not really a fish but are echinoderms, and they belong to the family of Asteroidea. There are roughly 1,800 species of starfishes in the world. Some of them don't even look like star. A typical profile of a starfish is that it usually has five arms. However, some specie has more than five arms.

The Philippine starfish is usually hard and have horns. They are quite abundant in the Philippines. Certain processes need to be followed so that it can be preserved for a long period of time. The Philippine starfish is one of the most easily preserved specie of starfish.

Proper classification and processing of this Philippine Starfish are very important, ignore this, and you end up with a rotten, smelly starfish. Our processes employ's a marriage of both traditional and modern way of cleaning and preserving starfishes.

Packaging also plays an important role in this business. We should consider the transportation time from our warehouse to its destination. Again if we ignore this, molds would surely develop, and it is very important to incorporate a desiccant into the packaging to prevent moldings.

A well-preserved starfish will last for quite a long time. We have this tendency to associate things from the sea as giving us some sort of a calming effect as it will remind us of the sea. The sea is truly a magical place. It can comfort us and relaxes us. What better way than to bring a creature from the sea into our homes to remind us about the pleasures we associate with the sea. Another great fact about Starfishes is that most species can regenerate, remember the spider man movie. The villainous lizard has this quality of growing damaged limbs.

Starfish is one of the most lonely creatures around, you want to know why? It is because they can reproduce even without a partner. For us humans it would be a curse to be alone, but for a starfish, it is a necessity to ensure the survival of its population.

Casual Jobs for Students - Good or Bad?

Students often question themselves whether finding a casual work while studying is beneficial or detrimental to their career.

Researches point out that people who had casual job experience while studying are the highest achievers in life.

No matter what kind of casual job you embark on, it will always add to your professional and life experience. Even when the job is not tied to your field of study or pursuing career you will eventually see the benefits of casual jobs.

Casual work can arm you with a set of tools that will make you more independent and financially successful. If something isn't going well with your future job, you have the skills and experience to perform another temporary job or even switch career. Not to mention that many companies prefer to employ someone equipped with knowledge and experience in different areas or as they usually say, an all-rounded professional.

You might be asking yourself, what will a coffee making job experience contribute to your career as an architect. Well, not much directly. But you will improve your interpersonal skills, gain customer service experience, work better under pressure, increase your sociability and make many friends and contacts that will prove advantageous in the future.

Casual work can also interfere negatively in your Uni performance. In that case you should consider some effective time-management techniques, reduce your working shifts/hours or even postpone your casual job venture.

Many celebrities and wealthy business people attribute their success to their casual job experiences.

Andrea Bocelli used to play piano in a piano bar in the evenings while he was studying law at the University of Pisa. He completed his law course and worked as a lawyer for one year. However, his casual job yelled louder to draw his successful career. Abocelli is known as the most popular Italian singer in the World.

Nicolas Cage used to sell pop corns at Fairfax movie theatre in Hollywood.

Rod Stewart first worked as a Newspaper delivery boy. Later he became a grave digger at Highgate Cemetery.

Donald Trump used to be a rent collector.

Don't underestimate the power of casual work. It will increase your self-esteem, make you more confident and open many doors to success.

There are many websites that offer casual work for students. Sometimes Universities offer casual jobs for students on their own website.

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Securing Wordpress: What Are the DO's and DON'Ts?

If you are managing a Wordpress website, then you have to make sure its safety in every possible method. Nowadays, this platform is among the greatest methods to make and increase money online. However, hackers can also view it as a chance to take precious things from your website. This includes your personal information, methods and other important things. As an outcome, your blog will be useless and may encounter disastrous result if it continues.

On the other hand, there are many methods when it comes to securing Wordpress. You simply have to find methods that can aid you to protect your blog from any kind of threat. If you know exactly how to protect it, then you can sleep safe and sound without worrying with any act of notorious hackers. Several online marketers think that it is secure to log in to their websites from anywhere.

It is huge disadvantage on your part if you log in to your blog in unsecure places. You have to connect to it on a protected spot of Wi-Fi and securing Wordpress on Windows. Remember that unprotected spot of Wi-Fi will allow anyone to view your username and even in odd cases, your password as well. Nowadays, hackers can do almost anything that they desire to access and infect their particular targeted sites.

Also, if you really want to protect your blog site, do not try to open it in public. By this way, you will be sure of that you are not threatening your own site to be hacked. Aside from that, you also need to pick the plugins that are certainly trusted by many. You can do this by securing Wordpress with SSL. Most trusted plugins come with SSL certificates to let you know that you are safe to exchange information from foreign browsers.

You also need to use.htaccess in your site. It is a simple file made from any usual text editor for the configuration of web server for all the files that runs on the web server of Apache. It makes the management and controls of your website simple and easy. By securing Wordpress with htaccess, you can protect your password as it improves the web protection of your file. Furthermore, .htaccess can also be used for redirects purposes. It can also be utilized to block IP address that can harm your blog. With these benefits, you can be certain for the security of your blog site without worrying about the hackers attack.