Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Securing Wordpress: What Are the DO's and DON'Ts?

If you are managing a Wordpress website, then you have to make sure its safety in every possible method. Nowadays, this platform is among the greatest methods to make and increase money online. However, hackers can also view it as a chance to take precious things from your website. This includes your personal information, methods and other important things. As an outcome, your blog will be useless and may encounter disastrous result if it continues.

On the other hand, there are many methods when it comes to securing Wordpress. You simply have to find methods that can aid you to protect your blog from any kind of threat. If you know exactly how to protect it, then you can sleep safe and sound without worrying with any act of notorious hackers. Several online marketers think that it is secure to log in to their websites from anywhere.

It is huge disadvantage on your part if you log in to your blog in unsecure places. You have to connect to it on a protected spot of Wi-Fi and securing Wordpress on Windows. Remember that unprotected spot of Wi-Fi will allow anyone to view your username and even in odd cases, your password as well. Nowadays, hackers can do almost anything that they desire to access and infect their particular targeted sites.

Also, if you really want to protect your blog site, do not try to open it in public. By this way, you will be sure of that you are not threatening your own site to be hacked. Aside from that, you also need to pick the plugins that are certainly trusted by many. You can do this by securing Wordpress with SSL. Most trusted plugins come with SSL certificates to let you know that you are safe to exchange information from foreign browsers.

You also need to use.htaccess in your site. It is a simple file made from any usual text editor for the configuration of web server for all the files that runs on the web server of Apache. It makes the management and controls of your website simple and easy. By securing Wordpress with htaccess, you can protect your password as it improves the web protection of your file. Furthermore, .htaccess can also be used for redirects purposes. It can also be utilized to block IP address that can harm your blog. With these benefits, you can be certain for the security of your blog site without worrying about the hackers attack.